CHiPs – A Fairlady Z haven, back to spotting!

It’s been a little bit since I’ve posted on here! Yikes. I’ve been watching some old episodes of Chips lately, it never fails to see a Z car in just about every episode. (I also always seem to see Porsche 924, Opel GT, VW Bug). This episode (Season 1 Episode 13 “One too many”) the Z car got pulled over… albeit by a fake cop!


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280ZX Trio

I was surprised to see these 3 280ZXs sitting in this driveway on the way to town the other morning.  Two of them appear to be from out of state (Texas), interested to hear the story here, maybe this is a family of Z lovers or just good friends who know a classic.  Makes me really want to track down my first Z… the long lost 1981 280ZX.

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